Ticket Blue

Green 1

course for teenagers and adults from 130 cm tall, including: suspended square bridge, bridge with discontinuous boards, square network tunnel, S cable bridge, S wooden bridge, zip line 20 meters; maximum height 3.5 meters

Difficulty: easy

Green 2

course for children and teenagers from 130 cm tall, including: swings, V-shaped bridge, inverted three-cable bridge, lamellar beam, network bridge, Tibetan bridge, step staircase, walkway with swinging trunks, zip line of about 50 meters; maximum height 6 meters

Difficulty: medium

Violet 1

medium difficulty route for adult or teenager from 140 cm tall, including: skateboard, log and chain bridge, platform bridge and lianas, bridge with suspended slanted boards, X-shaped bridge, zip line 60m. Maximum height 7 m.

Difficulty: medium

Violet 2

course for adults and teenagers from 140 cm tall, including zip line course with 4 steps: first zip 35 meters, second zip 65 meters, third zip 30 meters, descent with ladder, maximum height 6m:

Difficulty: easy


course for adults or teenagers from 140 cm tall including: swings, horizontal ladder, flying liana, three-cable bridge, vertical ladder, descent net, boardwalk, zip line of about 35 meters; maximum height 7 meters

Difficulty: difficult


course for adults or teenagers from 140 cm tall, including: climbing wall, taped ladder, cable swing, walkway with staggered boards, vertical net, staggered ladder, Nepalese bridge, two-cable bridge, descent ladder, zip line of about 100 meters ; maximum height 10 meters

Difficulty: difficult
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